SOS to CM - #IamPanjeWetlandIamDying

Dear Hon’ble Mukhya Mantri ji,

We sincerely appreciate your prompt response to our previous mails regarding protection of environment. 

Sir, you have been kind enough to act on our complaints regarding destruction of mangroves and Parsik Hill and refer them to the concerned departments.

Now, we have come across a major problem on wetlands. Panje, probably the last of the wetalands in Uran area faces extinction due to the construction of sluice gates (pictured) and blocking the sea water flow. Thus, the mangroves there will die, the area dries up, opening avenues for land grabbers.

Panje wetland is not only as a destination for over 350 species of birds, but a source of income for the local fisher folk who already lost vast stretches of fishing area due to infrastructure development - be it in the name of SEZ or port.

There have been several media reports recently with environmentalists raising serious concerns.

All authorities have promised action. But…

Through this SOS we appeal to you, Sir, to take an urgent look into the issue which can snowball into an environmental disaster.

BNHS was the first to raise concern and express fears about the survival of Panje. An environment documentary maker Aishwarya Sridhar also pointed out the impending disaster due to the destruction of Panje wetland.

As environmentalist Nandakumar Pawar pointed out: “CIDCO is openly violating CRZ notification 1991, wetland rule 2013 and recent Bombay high court order 2018. Panje is the last remaining wetland, which is also breeding and fishing areas for local fishing community. CIDCO has already reclaimed 289 hectares of fishing areas-pond no.1 at Boripakhadi-Mulekhand, 237 hectares at Panje, Punde - Dongri holding pond no.2. This is done by blocking of tidal water flow, sluice gate mechanism and constructing concrete wall around it.” 

In view of all these, we strongly feel that it is high time that you as The Minister intervened and took strong action to protect the environment.

It is your action that can bring some relief.

Apended herewith are few media reports links reports for your reference.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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