• Creating a desert in MMR
    - at Uran -
    by destroying mangroves

  • #IamMangroveIamDying

  • Quarrying destroys Parsik Hills beyond
    limits, says Forest dept

  • Panje beauty - will this
    be history?

  • Stop this reckless destruction of
    Parsik Hills

  • NIA must probe T1 killing
    (pic representative)


Wanted - NIA probe into T1 Killing

Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India &


The NatureConnect.com has request's all to sign the change.org petition by clicking on this link

75%  of wetland filled, ‘Mangrove Warrior’ complains

Complaint sent to Konkan Div Commissioner


In a missive to Konkan Divisional Commissioner, the High Court appointed authority to check mangrove protection, NGO Shree Ekvira Aai Pratishtan (SEAP) has drawn his attention to massive destruction of wetlands.


Greens ask Govt, builders to save hills, mangroves

Call for prudent quarrying, responsible debris dumping

Raising yet another alarm against all round environment degradation, activists have asked the state and local governments to work together to maintain ecological balance while undertaking development projects.

Pointing out that the reckless quarrying of Parsik Hills for stone chips for the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) has dealt an irreparable damage to the once picturesque range, environment NGO Shree Ekavira Aai Pratishtan (SEAP) and communicators body Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) have  called for finding out alternative sites.



Ganga water quality improving, claims Govt

NEW DELHI: River cleaning and development is a continuous process and National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) supplements the efforts of state government in cleaning of river by providing financial assistance to the state government. NMCG has sanctioned a total of 105 projects of sewerage infrastructure in Ganga basin states at an estimated cost of Rs 17,484.97 crores for river cleaning and Ganga rejuvenation. Out of these, 26 sewerage infrastructure projects have so far been completed resulting into creation of approximately 421 Million Litres per Day (MLD) additional STP capacity through construction / rehabilitation and approximately 2050 KM new


At Gangotri, the sacred river is full of silt.